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Have you found yourself dreaming of impacting the world with your product and service, bubbling over with witty ideas and inventions, and then STRUGGLING to put your thoughts into action on your own?

Being a visionary can be an exhilarating and exhausting position all at the same time. Are you a motivated and successful entrepreneur who is ready to scale but lack the manpower to manifest? LEARNING HOW TO FIND & BUILD YOUR TEAM is a make-or-break part of your business.

 👏 In this class you will learn:

WHO should be a part of your success team?

WHAT does an “A Player” look like?

WHERE do you find your leaders?

WHEN is the right time to build and grow your team?

HOW do you get them to follow your lead?

Meet Your Teacher

Jennifer Enders

CEO Chick Sales Coach

Coach Jenn is a wife, mother and certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell Team. With a successful 6 figure corporate sales career in banking and finance, as well as an entrepreneurial career that spans almost 2 decades. Jennifer’s multi-dimensional coaching practice equips women to get clear about their passions and build disciplines that create a life at peak performance, therefore building profitability in their businesses. Jennifer utilizes her corporate background to aid in strategic planning, technical systems and sales, infusing process and profitability into the lives of CEO Chicks.

Meet Coach Jenn

Course Content Includes

    1. Building Your Empire & Your Team

    2. Course Notes

About this course

  • $7.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

CEO Chicks Are Dominating!

Extremely Supportive

Colleen M.

When working with Coleen and her team you feel appreciated and supported while growing your business and brand. They always make the brand come alive and help you with ideas and content. Everyone at the agency is onboard with your brand and want you to succeed.

Valued Input

Brittany H.

Since working with the CEO Chicks we have experienced growth in our business and our social media following. They force us to think outside the box and we look forward to our monthly strategy meetings. They really listen to us, they ask for our input and offer very creative ideas. The entire team is professional and truly care about the growth of our brand.

Business Needs Fulfilled


I am confident in this agency fulfilling my business needs. CEO Chicks has always been exactly what I needed for business and gave me a different perspective.

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