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Developing Relationship Currency

Are you struggling to keep good employees? 
Finding it hard to build your A team? 
Not sure how to jumpstart the hiring process?

February is not only a month where we celebrate love, it is where we take the time to dive deep into relationships! Relationship Currency to be exact, this is not just referring to romantic relationships but our work wives, employees and team members. 

Watch our Licensed Psychotherapist, Coach Schellie Fanfan breaks down the keys to attracting and maintaining thriving working relationships. 

Learn to identify...
- Areas that could be blocking you from developing as a great leader
- How to communicate vision and build long lasting relationships
- How to set realistic expectations for both yourself and your team
- How to create a culture in your organization that lends to progress
- Great talent and more...

This course will reignite the leader within and give you great insight and clarity on how to move forward with boldness and courage! 

Meet Your Teacher

Schellie Fanfan

Counselor, LMHC, MS, EdS

Schellie Fanfan is a Haitian American female, born in Manhattan and raised in Queens Village, New York. Ms. Fanfan is the proud mother of two teenagers, Etana and Philippe. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in addition to two Master’s degrees from Florida State University in Mental Health Counseling and Human Services and Systems. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Harmony Mental Health and Behavioral Services which is an outpatient interdisciplinary agency for children, adolescents, and adults. Schellie is also the founder and sole owner of Ask Schellie Consulting, LLC where she consults with individuals, businesses, ministries, and organizations to maximize performance and productivity.

Course curriculum

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    Developing Relationship Currency with Wellness Coach Schellie Fanfan

    • Developing Relationship Currency with Wellness Coach Schellie Fanfan

Meet Coach Schellie

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