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Did you know that almost 50% of businesses fail within 5 years and, of those that still exist, many close after 10 years! I am so proud of what my team and I have been able to create. With no examples before us, no major financial backing, and with hearts that love to serve! Six years later, we are still here!

Have you ever watched someone doing big things in their industry and you just wanted the opportunity to pick their brain? We've all been there at one point or another; Longing for the opportunity to learn about their backend operations. How do they function? How did they become so successful? What am I doing wrong? What more could I be doing? The crazy thing about it is there are times where you get the opportunity and the person you've looked up to isn't willing to help! That can be a difficult place to be in and I know it can be discouraging.

Sometimes all you need to get ahead is an opportunity and I'm here to give it to you! The opportunity I'm extending is the chance to do it right this time. I'm offering you the chance to walk away with tangible, exclusive information that is sure to give you and your community the jump start it deserves.

This course isn't going to be another investment where you get no return! It is guaranteed to be the launching pad you need to get to the next level. I have been collecting knowledge, resources, and tools for over 20 years as an entrepreneur and I am taking the opportunity to pass it on to YOU! There's literally no better time than right now!

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LaRue Howard
Founder of Vocal Athlete

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Celebrity Beauty Expert, Branding Strategist, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, married 22 years, and Mom to 4 boys. Wheew chile'! That's a mouthful, right?! With over 20 years of experience in the Beauty and Branding Industry, I can honestly say I have dedicated my life to coaching my clients into living their best life, both professionally and personally. From leading my CEO Chick Membership Community to branding seminars and workshops, my receipts speaks for themselves! Being featured on networks like Bravo, BET, NBC, CBS and more is just the icing on the cake.

In 2018 I retired as a successful celebrity hairstylist so I could focus on the next chapter of my life. I completed my book and poured my heart into CEO Chicks, touring the US and the UK. In 2019 the momentum began to kick in. That's when we crossed our first six-figure mark and we continued to ride the wave.

We had some detours along the way, as many women in our tribe were affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. We began to give business scholarships, free access to our digital vault, helped pay light bills and whatever we could to help our members. In 2022 we came out the gate stronger than ever!

Prior to the pandemic I started working on a class titled “Mission To Movement”. As I got into it more and more it turned into this series. So, I hired a coach to help me sift through it all. She said, “This is your blueprint, Coleen!” I continued to mind map and create slides. I completed most of it, but the timing to launch never felt right...until now!

Many years and several life lessons later, I am finally ready to pour! I want to teach you about EVERYTHING that got me to where I am and show you what it looks like to build a 6-figure community and membership.

Are you ready?!

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Coach Coleen is giving away ALL of her secrets during this live course. She's breaking down how she built a 6-figure community from the ground up. Don't miss out on this live course, valued at $4,997.


This course content is packed full of information that will help you succeed at the greatest level!


    Ten, 2-3 Part Modules
    The CEO Chick Blue Print
    You'll receive a breakdown of how I structured my community:

    • Planning Live Events
    • Hiring Staff & Brand Ambassadors
    • Event Planning
    • Downloadable Contracts & Written Agreements
    • Course Development
    • Scaling & Evolving
    • Project Management Systems


    Prove it, not only yourself, but your followers that you mean business. Let the world know you are investing in your brand and business.

    Once you have completed the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion that can be posted on your website and used for marketing purposes.


    Get lifetime access to all membership perks!

    • Access to our Digital Vault: 100+ Hours of CEO Chick Courses
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A Trusted Voice In The Community

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

People tend to believe that there's a formula to success; a "secret sauce", if you will. After being in business for over 20 years, I can tell you that it is NOT the case. In this course, I am literally telling you everything about everything! Yep! You are about to get all in my business, literally!

Coach Coleen is taking the mystery out of success!

Learn from my mistakes and avoid the pitfalls that come from building a membership.

If you can think about it, I've probably done it. Tested various platforms to host my community content, failed partnerships with influencers to represent my brand, members joining and copying my brand down to the "T"! I have even played the role of bill collector, reaching out to members whose payments failed but they were still accessing my digital platform. Oouuuu Chile'! I have learned how to book speakers, host events in various cities and bring the CEO Chick vision to life, and I did it all without major sponsorships or financial backing!

Trust me when I tell you this course is all about showing you how I fell, took the L, "LESSONS" that is, and got better every time! The building blocks of a membership community requires more than excitement. It requires ENDURANCE!  If you answer yes to any of the following questions then this program is more than likely for you! 

•Do you love to teach and share with your social media audience, regardless of its size?
•Have you had a hard time finding a community that suits your needs?
•Are people drawn to your message?
•Do people slide in your DM asking how they can connect with you?

This program is designed for you to create systems that will monetize your genius.

Need to know how and when to hire? I'm going to talk about it! Not sure when to implement an NDA? I going to tell you about that too! Not quite sure which CRMs works best for specific tasks/functions? I know about those too!

This course is peeling back every layer you can think of when it comes to building a community on a solid foundation. You don't want to miss it!

Let's break ground together!

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If there's one thing I know for sure, bonds will be created as a result of this program. There is nothing like meeting other students who are embarking on the same journey and path. This is the place to expand your circle!

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