What is your Profit Plan for the year?
Do you know the steps you need to take to hit your revenue goal this year?

Flying blindly is NOT a strategy in business.   Attaining any goal requires a plan but in business, especially you must take into account the many variables that can negatively impact your outcomes.

In this course we are taking your 6 figure goals down to DAILY ACTIONS for success. Coach Jenn will help you ensure you’re on TRACK to become profitable THIS YEAR. 

So join us as we CRUSH our income goals, starting with this detailed course that will help you... 

- Understand the difference between Revenue & Expense 

- Get Budget Basics and set your Revenue/Income Goal for the year! 

- Breakdown your goal into a Monthly/Weekly/Daily Plan! 

- Understand what ACTIONS fuels TRANSACTIONS and much more... 

Grab your pen/paper and Let's Go!

Jennifer Enders

CEO Chick Executive Coach

Coach Jenn is a wife, mother and certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell Team. With a successful 6 figure corporate sales career in banking and finance, as well as an entrepreneurial career that spans almost 2 decades. Jennifer’s multi-dimensional coaching practice equips women to get clear about their passions and build disciplines that create a life at peak performance, therefore building profitability in their businesses. Jennifer utilizes her corporate background to aid in strategic planning, technical systems and sales, infusing process and profitability into the lives of CEO Chicks.

Course Content Includes

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    Course Video

    • How To Crush Your Income Goals

    • Course Presentation Notes

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